Postdoctoral researcher

Postdoctoral researcher

The Algorithm Engineering group at KIT Institute of Theoretical Informatics

is looking for a


working in all areas of algorithm engineering. For example,

  • data structures
  • basic toolbox algorithms (sorting, ...)
  • improving standard libraries of programming languages
  • graph algorithms
  • optimization in mobility applications
  • SAT solving, SMT solving, verification or theorem proving
  • the algorithms behind machine learning and explainable AI
  • computational geometry
  • parallel algorithms
  • algorithms on modern architectures – GPU, SIMD instructions,...
  • hardware-algorithm co-design


  • a PhD (when starting)
  • a successful publication record in highly visible conferences or journals
  • excellent programming skills (e.g., C++, Rust, CUDA) or highly successful theoretical contributions with a perspective to cooperate with my group to bring theory and practice together

Prof. Dr. Peter Sanders
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