Parallele Algorithmen: Materialien zur Vorlesung

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  2. Vorlesung zu shared memory Datenstrukturen
  3. Gastvortrag Robust Hypercube Quicksort
  4. Gastvortrag Multilevel Samplesort
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Miniseminar: 14.2.2017 im SR 301 ab 13:00

  1. Helge Ebhard: A simple and practical linear-work parallel algorithm for connectivity
  2. Jerome Urhausen: Parallel shortest-paths using radius stepping
  3. Roland Osterrieter: Randomized routing and sorting on fixed-connection networks
  4. Oliver Plate: Ordering heuristics for parallel graph coloring
  5. Daniel Ferizovic: Sequential Random Permutation, List Contraction and Tree Contraction are Highly Parallel
  6. Lasse Wulf: Efficient Implementation of a Synchronous Parallel Push-Relabel Algorithm
  7. Benedict Toussaint: Parallel Heap: An Optimal Parallel Priority Queue
  8. Artem Titarenko: An Optimal Parallel Algorithm for Integer Sorting
  9. Sebastian Bayer: Benchmarking Concurrent Priority Queues: Performance of k-LSM and Related Data Structures
Pruefungstermine: 20.2., 12.4., 8.5. bitte Zeitpunkt per email ausmachen