Dr. rer. nat. Jochen Speck

Research Interests

  • Scheduling
  • Parallel Computing
  • Combinatorial Optimization
  • Algorithms with an Interesting Mathematical Background
  • InvasIC

My Erdős-number is 3 via Peter Sanders -> Nicholas C. Wormald -> Paul Erdős

My Dissertation is published here.

Journal articles
Title Author Source

Peter Sanders, Jochen Speck, Raoul Steffen

ACM Transactions on Parallel Computing September 2015

Felix Brandt, Jochen Speck, Markus Völker

Annals of Operations Research, December 2014

P. Sanders, J. Speck, J. Larsson Träff

Parallel Computing, 2009

Title Conference Author(s)

IPDPS 2015

Tobias Maier, Peter Sanders, Jochen Speck

SPAA 2013

P. Sanders, J. Speck, R. Steffen

IPDPS 2013

P. Flick, P. Sanders, J. Speck

Euro-Par 2012

P. Sanders, J. Speck

IPDPS 2011

P. Sanders, J. Speck

EuroPVM/MPI 2007

P. Sanders, J. Speck, J. Larsson Träff